custom face stickers

Custom Face Sticker starting at $19.99. Great for cars, skate boards, binders, etc.

Turning your face into a custom die-cut sticker is easy. Email or send us a link of your face, along with desired, color size and quantity and we send you a jpg of what you'll look like along with a paypal invoice. Your sticker will ship the next day. Choice of Black, White, Blue or Red vinyl.

Email picture to along with shipping address, height and quantity.


1 Sticker

2 Stickers

5 Stickers

4" Tall




9" Tall





Custom Die-Cut Phone Numbers.

Unlike printed stickers and decals, our vinyl stickers stay vivid and crack free for up to 7 years in all weather conditions. Printed stickers and decals are really not meant for extended outdoor use, and tend to fade in the sun and rain within 1 to 3 years.

phone fonts

Our classic die-cut vinyl stickers appear painted on, with no white, clear, or other background color.

Unlike printed stickers and decals, our die-cut stickers do not have a background. The actual graphic or lettering is die-cut out, so they look painted on when applied. There is no background at all... only the image itself.

Custom Cut Stickers of Your Face

Custom Die Cut Stickers of your face

Upload a picture of yourself and our art team will turn your face into a sticker, starting at $19.99.

vinyl car lettering

Custom cut phone numbers

Custom Die-Cut phone numbers starting at $3.50, your choice of color. Get your custom die-cut web address up to 6" tall. Click Here for a quote.